Trend Alert : Gingham Print Everything


Hey Fashionistas!!! New trend alert!! If you haven’t seen already gingham print is everywhere. It’s on skirts, pants, shirts, dresses, pretty much everything. I think this print is a great statement piece that doesn’t need much added to it. A simple top or jean, and your good to go. It’s bold, but I challenge you to try out some gingham styles below. Also, I want to see how you rock this print. Post your pics in the comments. Remember, trends are temporary, but style is forever. Muah, Love you!

Jacket:BooHoo $92.00
Jeans:PLT $49.00
Shoes: Similar DSW $49.95
Shirt: Similar Missguided $50.00
Top Left:Skirt Top Middle:Long Dress Top Right:Shirt
Bottom Left:Coat Bottom Middle:Pants Bottom Right:Dress
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