How To Be Stylish On A Budget

Hello again beautiful fashionistas. I have been getting a lot of questions on fashion and thought this new series would help. Every Saturday I will post fashion tips or tell you about the latest in celebrity fashion. I think this will help up your game out there in the fashion world, and make styling clothes a little less scary. If you have topics that you would like me to discuss, I would love to hear them. Leave a comment down below on any fashion questions that you may have.
Today’s topic is on buying great clothes on a budget. Not everyone has the money to spend thousands on the latest trends or hot items. Not even me. Below are some of my tricks that keep my shopping habit from going out of control.
How to shop on a budget fashion and style blog 1. Shop Discounts
This is probably the most important thing on the list. If you are like me, then you love online shopping. There are a lot of stores that always have sales. If you ever wondered why the bulk of my clothes come from just a handful of stores, it’s because those stores have the most sales. When I’m shopping at the places below, I buy in bulk and get the most for my money. Sometimes these stores have up to 50% percent off for regular priced items. I know emails are really annoying, but I suggest signing up for the store’s email list to know when they are having a sale. Below I have listed some of my favorite stores that are always having a discount, on average at least 30% off.
*Extra Tip: If you are a student, there is a website that gets you exclusive deals on clothes. Sign up at UNiDAYS. All you need is your school login info and voila, discounts galore.
How to shop on a budget fashion and style blog fashionnikki.com2.Second Hand Stores
This is not what it use to be. No, I’m not talking about Goodwill or anything. Second hand shopping is just what you do now. There are so many sites out there that you can buy good quality clothes from your favorite bloggers, YouTubers, or just awesome fashionistas.These girls buy name brand items and sell their closet to make room for more clothes. I will usually sell my clothes when a season is almost over to make money for next season’s wardrobe. A lot of the clothes will still have the tag on them. You can expect to find items marked down 50 to 70 percent off, which is a steal. This is really cool for that classic Chanel bag you wanted but didn’t feel like paying full price for. I have listed some websites below that you can find some great deals.
How to shop on a budget fashion and style blog fashionnikki.com3. Buy Wardrobe Essentials
Have you ever felt like you have a lot of clothes, and still nothing to wear? This is because you buy too many trendy items. Now, I am all about trends trust me, but it is important to have classic pieces and build outfits around them. If you buy a few good items, you can create a week’s worth of outfits with very little effort. When you buy fewer clothes, you spend less money and stick to your budget. Also, another good tip is to buy neutral colors; i.e. black, nude, white, brown, and denim. Not only can you create more looks with neutrals, but you will also look more luxurious and put together.  Here are my wardrobe staples that I believe everyone needs.
How to be shop on a budget fashion and style blog 4. Have a Wish List and Spending Budget
Creating a wish list at my favorite store has helped me so much with staying on track. I use to get really carried away when a store would have an amazing sale and I would just buy different items that really didn’t go with anything I had. I then had to buy more clothes so I could complete my outfits. This is why I started to browse different websites and put items that I wanted to buy on my wish list. So when I get an email that a store is having a sale, I go to my wish list and buy those items that I actually need.
This goes hand in hand with having a budget. Instead of going buy-crazy when you see something, actually put aside money every month to buy clothes. The only reason why I would spend 300 dollars at once was because I have not been shopping in four months. That is a big amount at one time. If I broke that down monthly, it would be 75 dollars a month or about 19 dollars a week. That’s equivalent to buying takeout for your family. This amount is much more doable and not as scary as dropping 300 bucks. If you set a desired amount aside every time you got paid to go shopping you feel less guilty and actually spend less on clothes because you’re buying more frequently.
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