February Monthly Favorites – 5 Things You’ll Love

It is that time again, to recap last month’s favs. Two months down in 2017 has felt like three weeks. This year is moving too fast for me. On the upside, that means more blog posts for you. So, this month was tricky. I had so many random favorites for you guys, and to narrow them down to five was hard. Below I had added five items that either made my month a little easier or fashionable pieces that were amazing. As always these items are not sponsored and I’m giving my honest opinion. Don’t forget to comment below on some items that you loved so I can discover new products.
Monthly Favorites Beauty Products Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com I love this lip gloss. I know there’s a matte trend right now, but I still love a good lip gloss. This gloss is from the original gloss set containing; So Cute, Literally, and Like. My favorite is the color Like because it is the darkest of the three. When I do not feel like doing much with my lips, I throw on this gloss and I’m good to go. The formulation is moisturizing, but not too sticky. Your hair still gets caught on your lips, so it’s not magical, but it’s still amazing. I am waiting for the day a lip gloss is invented that doesn’t stick to your hair when the wind blows…lol. Kylie now has all of her lipsticks in gloss form, so you have many colors to choose from. The price is normal for a high end brand at $15.00 dollars. Click Here to Buy
Monthly Favorites Beauty Products Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com If you are like me then I know you hate re-applying makeup. I hate having to go to the bathroom or take out a mirror just to make sure I don’t look like a grease monkey. I get pretty oily, even with matte foundation, so this product really helps. It’s the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray. If you have normal skin, don’t worry Urban Decay has three different sprays; De-Slick, Chill, and All Nighter. I have tried this one and the All Nighter spray. I like them both. What they do is make your foundation last longer. So if you are going to a party or know you are going to be wearing your makeup for five hours or more, you definitely want to pick this up. The regular size is $31.00 dollars, but to get around that I buy the travel size for $15.00. The travel size lasts quite a while, so it’s worth it. You can get it here at Ulta. I believe they changed the packaging to black, but it is still the same product.
Monthly Favorites Beauty Products Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com The Apple Watch is a product you need to have if you are an Apple user and work out. I like this watch because it tracks your steps, calories, heart rate, and text messages. When you are working out it is great to have something lightweight that doesn’t get in your way. You can buy arm bands for your phone, but those still get in the way of your workout. The fitness tracking is awesome, but I like the fact that I can quickly see my texts or who’s calling without stopping what I am doing. Now, this is not cheap by any means, but if you’re a fitness freak like me, it will make your life easier. You can buy this at an Apple store or Amazon. The price ranges from $370 to $1000 dollars, depending on the band. I would recommend buying the cheaper one and getting a different band through Amazon as it is much cheaper. Click Here.
Monthly Favorites Beauty Products Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com Up next, are my favorite booties. I honestly love these. When I want to wear heeled boots, but I know I am going to be on my feet. I pick up these booties every single time. They are so comfortable. Well, as comfortable as heels can be. I bought these boots from AmiClubWear on a 55% sale and didn’t think much of them. When they arrived in the mail, I was amazed by the quality of the shoes. I don’t think they have this particular style anymore, but I have found a similar pair. AmiClubWear also has plenty of sales around 50 to 60 percent off, so I suggest you check them out. They have shoes as well as clothes and their sales are year round. You can buy them Here.
Monthly Favorites Beauty Products Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com Last but not least, is the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. I like this concealer because it works and the price point is awesome. This concealer only costs $3.99. Which is amazing. It does the job by staying in the right places as long as you use a quality translucent powder. I use this for highlighting and I also have a darker color for contouring. I am in the color, creamy beige. They have a good color range with like 25 different shades. L.A Girl recently came out with color correcting shades as well, which I am going to have to try. You can find this in beauty supply stores or online. This concealer won’t be in Drug Stores or Walmart. I buy mine at Lady Moss. Click Here.
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