5 Common Style Mistakes Every Woman Makes

No matter how stylish you may be, every fashionista makes some sort of fashion mistake. Unfortunately, this is how we learn and get better. I have looked at over 30 different mistakes and narrowed it down to the top five. If you find yourself guilty of these, I have some easy fixes so that you will never make these fashion faux pas again.

How To Style Four Common Fashion Mistakes Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com

5. Showing too much skin
There is a fine line between sexy and looking like you should be on the corner (if you know what I mean). My rule of thumb is to always pick an area you want to show. So if you are wearing a mini skirt, you don’t need to wear a crop top and visa versa. If you are showing cleavage then stick with that, and don’t show a lot of leg. Now, for a special occasion there are different rules, but for everyday life you need to pick your battles. Skin is great, but if done the right way you will stay classy and sexy.
How To Style Four Common Fashion Mistakes Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com
4. Fashion comes in one size
 If you think this then I do not know where you have been for the last five years. Thick is in. Just look at Ashley Graham.Her dress size is 16 and she’s owning the runway right now. Graham even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated last year; the first plus size model to do so. Being thicker does not mean you can’t create great outfits. There are several plus size bloggers to follow if you want to see amazing style.  
Here are three awesome fashionistas to follow on Instagram.

How To Style Four Common Fashion Mistakes Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com

3. Wearing the wrong undergarments
 Now, I have definitely been here. I have walked out of the house thinking I look great, then to notice I had the dreaded panty line. Or the wrong color of panties; i.e. black or that nude, but not really nude color. It happens to the best of us. Remember to look in the mirror before you walk out of the house to make sure your good. You can also ask a friend for an outfit check. Bras are another big style mistake. Most women do not wear the correct bra size. You may not think much of it, but it can actually create a back bulge. I would recommend getting a bra fitting once a year because your body is consistently changing. This will help ensure there isn’t a back bulge or gaping shirt buttons.
How To Style Four Common Fashion Mistakes Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com
2. Buying Clothes That Don’t Fit 
 Clothes just don’t look amazing right off of the rack. We all have different bodies and are different sizes. This is where tailoring comes in. You do not need to get everything tailored, but items like pants, dresses, and blazers are essential. You want your outfit to show off the best parts of your body. You can’t do that in too small, or large clothing.
*Let’s Talk Jeans
I felt jeans needed its own section in this tip. Have you ever put on a pair of jeans and wonder why you have a “muffin top.” It may be because you had too much to eat over the holidays (or year round), but it could also be because those jeans are too small for you. The era of skinny jeans had us thinking it was normal to lay on the bed and jiggle to get our jeans on. I am here to tell you that it is not true. When you try on your jeans you should be able to comfortably put them on and zip them. If you have to do anything different, that is not your size. Another reason why you have a slight bulge may be because of the fit of the jeans. Low cut isn’t for everyone. I don’t even wear low cut jeans anymore. You would look much better in high-waisted or boyfriend cut jeans.

How To Style Four Common Fashion Mistakes Fashion and Style Blog fashionnikki.com

1. Not having your own style
 This is definitely number one. Style is about who you are and your personality. With fashion influencers on the rise, everyone is looking to bloggers or Instagrammers for style advice. We as a society are getting advice or inspiration confused with copying. When you are following that blogger that you love and they highlight an outfit, that is their style and theirs alone. If your style is similar then go for it, but a lot of people are trying to be something they are not. I don’t wear a lot of accessories and I’m not going to start now that I blog. An outfit looks amazing when the person wearing it is exuding confidence. You can only achieve that by rocking what is most comfortable to you. If you don’t like heels, then don’t wear them. If the “it” trend isn’t your thing, that’s ok. Be you, and do you. How other people dress is for inspiration and just that. You will experiment and that is ok too. It takes a while to figure yourself out, but your style will come to you. When that happens, rock it and be proud.
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