4 Ways to Jazz Up your Work Outfit

Hello people! One of my good friends asked me how she could dress better for work, and I thought it would be a great topic for my advice blog. As a young woman in the workforce, I also had a hard time incorporating my personal style into my work wardrobe. It was difficult because I wanted to be professional and not stand out. So I would wear regular slacks or blouse, but I seriously looked like I was 40 years old. Nothing wrong with being 40, but at the time, I was 25. I needed to dress my age; like how I would outside of work. I am here to tell you that you can be professional, but still wear clothes to fit your personal style and age. Take a look below at my tips to jazz up your work outfit.
1. Wide Leg Pants

This is one of my favorite ways to jazz up an outfit. Wide leg trousers are great for work and you will look like a fashion goddess in them. They are great paired with a blouse or blazer. Check out the examples below.

2. Pant Suit Remixed
The pant suit is still ok to wear, but try putting a little more effort into it. Find interesting patterns, or something different from the norm to bring out your personality. I really like the examples below. 
3. Round A Line Skirt 
A round skirt just screams femininity and fashionista. You won’t be able to go anywhere without hearing a compliment about your outfit with this skirt. Just pair it with a blouse and your good to go. 


4. Mastering Casual Fridays 
Instead of actually being casual on Fridays, you can jazz it up by adding a blazer to your jeans or wearing satin joggers. Casual Fridays should be your favorite work outfit because you can experiment and wear items you can’t throughout the week. Below I have some examples on how to change your casual Friday to Fashionista Friday. 


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